Perfect for my soundtrack. And Grey’s Anatomy’s.

At the end of last season I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll probably go back to it eventually when its all on DVD just to see what happened after I left, but it just got to be too melodramatic for me. I got tired of watching a show where every week I couldn’t stopContinue reading “Perfect for my soundtrack. And Grey’s Anatomy’s.”

On repeat this week

Bon Iver. Prior to like, Tuesday, what I knew of him consisted of the news story where it mentioned that Bon Iver won one of the only Grammys Adele DIDN’T win (and rightfully so, I love that girl), and also the skit where my boy JT played him on SNL. But yeah, heart him rightContinue reading “On repeat this week”

I take this job very seriously

My little sister is getting married in August – more on that another time – and as her bridesmaids, me and the baby sister and the bffs all got assignments for the day of the event in the cards asking us to be a part of their day. Mine, obvs, is to be in chargeContinue reading “I take this job very seriously”

People always told me, be careful what you do..

American Idol’s back, I hear. I don’t really watch it anymore, but I did a few seasons ago. The David Cook Season. I voted my ass off that season. And it paid off. ‘Cause my boy won. One of my favorite performances of his – and one that wasn’t matched in awesomeness in terms ofContinue reading “People always told me, be careful what you do..”

Florence and the frigging Machine

I’ll be back this weekend/next week with some more substantial posts, because I know you’ve missed me this week. But I had kiddos to chaperone at Disney World and work to catch up on and OMG I need to finish the last Hunger Games book. So for now, please be content with this. Because IContinue reading “Florence and the frigging Machine”

Her songs are the words you can’t say

Adele can do no wrong. If I hear a song of hers and don’t fall in love with almost immediately, well..that’s not ever gonna happen. But if it does, I will pay each of you $20. Current favorite: Set Fire To The Rain Seriously, just check out some of the lyrics… I let it fall,Continue reading “Her songs are the words you can’t say”