So fresh and so clean…ish

So cleaning month is going pretty well. So well, in fact, that it will have to continue into the next month because I still haven’t tackled that guest bedroom closet yet.

But for good reason – I had company here for Derby and also May is always the most insane month of all months (everyone schedules everything for the same days and times and not a weekend is free in May. Ever.)

Anyways, this is not about what I haven’t cleaned, but what I HAVE.

You already saw the closet and clothes overhaul-type thing.

I also had two nightstands I had to clean out…one of which I haven’t even looked in since I moved in (A year ago, today, in fact, woot!).

It proved to be a treasure trove of sorts. I found lots of pictures, perfect for #tbt possibilities, and essentials like my garter from prom 13 years ago, entirely too many unused legal pads (#writerprobs), a small London phone booth decoration, TiVo remote for a system I no longer have, and hospital information for post-appendectomy life.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed

Post-appendectomy life is very gassy. Other than that, relatively normal. It’s time to part with the paperwork.

That was a couple weeks ago. And I cleaned out a box’s worth of crap. Most of the stuff in those pictures was tossed, including that folder, from a Feature Writing class in college where I had a professor who once made me decorate her Christmas tree and claimed she could feel earthquakes before they happened. In Kentucky.


Speaking of crazy. Did I mention the month of May is?

So just because I haven’t been home doesn’t mean I haven’t been cleaning.

I’m on a delete spree, guys.

I have entirely too many emails I don’t need in my email inbox taking up space. I have people’s phone numbers I talked two twice and/or not for years now. I have texts from two years ago, thanks iPhone. I have annoying Twitter accounts I follow.


Still a bit in the process with that one, in fact. Like today, when, in honor of one year of home ownership, my AC stopped working and I didn’t feel like moving cause I was a puddle of sweat, I deleted doubles of photos on my phone, apps I haven’t used since downloading, files I don’t need off my computer (which is still saying it’s about out of storage space).

See, you can still be productive when you’re having a “lazy” weekend! There is hope!

Not to mention I feel guilty on days I don’t do anything at all, even if they are really few and far between.

But this cleaning (and realizing today that I’ve been in here a year) has led me to my next month of this project, that I’ll start soon…and I’ll give you a hint about what that is. It involves my condo.

I’m sure this has been suuuuper exciting for y’all to read about, but I promise, it’s made me happy and my house more comfortable and better looking. So there’s that.

Any of you done any major cleaning sprees lately? Spring cleaning and whatnot? Find anything good?

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