31 thoughts one has whilst their AC is on the fritz

1. It’s kind of hot in here.

2. Yeah, I’m sweating.

3. It’s kind of like a sauna.


5. I did not set it on 84.

6. Lemme just turn it way, way down, that should work, right?

7. (Hour later) Nope. Not working.

8. The good thing about home ownership and living by yourself, you can walk around your place naked or close to it.

9. I really need to get curtains for my living room.

10. How many more nights can I go sleeping whilst sweating?

11. Like, I sweat in my sleep even when the AC isn’t messed up.

12. Sleeping naked isn’t bad though.

13. This condo is now a sweat lodge.

14. I think I just hallucinated.

15. One should not have to reapply deodorant in their house this much.

16. Oh, it went down to 83, that’s good.

17. Nope, back up to 84.

18. Maybe if I sit really still it won’t be so bad.

19. You can sweat even when you’re not moving.

20. I’ve drunk (drank?) all the water.

21. Why does drank sound like it’s not a word right now?

22. Maybe I’m still hallucinating.

23. Well there’s a big chunk of ice on the AC unit, so the air is going somewhere.

24. Let me just message my HVAC pro friends.

25. Yeah something’s officially wrong with the AC that no amount of turning up or down can fix.

26. Payday is Friday.

27. I might be delirious/a puddle on the floor by then.

28. I could just stand in front of the open freezer door a while.

29. Or go outside.

30. Nope, definitely the same temperature outside as in.

31. Time to text Chuck.

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