On the downhill part of this running thing

If only I meant that literally.

I have now completed the official halfway point of the running program I’ve been using to get my ass in gear – Couch-to-5K, a nine-week running program that gets you from “Oh my God I can’t run for longer than 30 seconds without fear of dying” to “Oh, a 5K? No problem. That all you got?”


Here at the halfway point, things are getting (knock on wood) easier. Today I ran for the longest amount of time (consecutively) in my life. Twice. WHAT?

No seriously. This is a longer stretch of time than I ran in any of the three 5Ks I did a few years ago on a whim.

Yeah…that was stupid. It was when I worked at the job before this one and my editor was like, “Do this 5K with me,” and I said “OK” and she said “Tomorrow morning” and I said “OK” because I am dumb and I like free T-shirts.

I wrote about it all on this blog before. And in a weekly newspaper I worked for. And it was when I tried Couch-to-5K the first of the four times I’ve tried it. And only got to week 2.

And with all this running I’m doing, I’m becoming more of a regular fixture at the gym. And y’all, the people-watching there can be great.

Weird things I have noticed at the gym:
– The guy that works out in jeans. There’s always one. Usually he’s old. There can’t be anything comfortable about that as workout attire. The friction alone from running in them could probably start a small fire.
– The guy that sits on the machines and reads the newspaper. I think he completes about 10 reps total the entire time he’s there.
– The woman who is entirely too dressed up to be at the gym. You know you’re gonna sweat, right? Maybe?
– People that are too motivated. Let me explain this one. I’m all for pushing yourself. And being proud of yourself. But if you’re on the treadmill next to mine and shouting/loudly growling encouragement at yourself during your run, it scares the shit out of me. And makes you look crazy.
– People who will talk on their phones like they’re in private. Meaning LOUDLY and unnecessarily. Like if you need to take a call that bad, maybe get off the stair-stepper. And also, if I can hear you over my headphones (when I have the music up ALL THE WAY) you’re too loud. Who comes to the gym and thinks: “Oh, this is a good time to catch up on some phone calls” and is convinced its a good idea?
– The Zumba group that meets in the back on Thursday nights. At least I think it’s Zumba. They make a lot of weird, sex-type noises. I’m afraid.
– Nobody will come into the bathroom when you are trying to change or when you’re in there at all, until you pull your pants down and your butt is out. Then the ladies just walk right in. Awesome.

Maybe the weirdest thing of all – to me – is that I’m now looking forward to my evenings there. I wanna see if I can do the next run on the app, see if I can surprise myself and keep improving, which so far I have.

And I just found out the dates for those races I did on a whim five years ago. I’m planning to do them all again. Because y’all know how I feel about those free T-shirts.

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