Will run for puppies

So I’m back at the running thing again..

And before you guffaw in disbelief or get to wondering how long it will last this time around, it’s different now.

I’m using Couch-to-5K, a program you can use through an app on your phone, for like, the third or fourth time now.

As part of the program, you are taken week by week for 9 weeks building up your endurance and running times. The first week makes you run for about 30 seconds, taking breaks to walk. And you gradually build up and build up until you’re running the whole time.

Once upon a time I got to week three. And got so scared of week four I stayed at week three for three weeks, repeating those days over and over. And then I quit. Yay for willpower.

Then there was this time, which has been different. In a good way. I started a little over a month ago, going every other day after work to the Y up the road. After each run, I’d do a couple of machines – work on arms one day, abs one day, legs one day, stuff like that.

Even when I had to take a week for one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with, I got back soon afterwards, picking up where I’d left off.

It helps that I have two runner BFFs, one of whom is basically a ninja – read his blog, you won’t regret it – who have always encouraged me and this time was no different.

I decided to look for a 5K to sign up for because I knew that would make me follow through completely and keep it up. So, at Jennifer’s suggestion, I picked the Waggin’ Trail 5K in May that will benefit the Humane Society.

She and Matt do the race every year, with their awesome doggies – Hunter and Oreo. I think Brendan, their 10-year-old, has run it once or twice, too.

You see, I have puppy fever right now like some people have baby fever, and telling me there’d be a bunch of cute dogs at this race, well, sign me up. It also helped that they’ve told me I get a puppy for participating AND if I win. (Whatever it takes, ya know?)

I also think it would work if you just hold a puppy in front of me like you’ve seen with carrots or whatever to make me keep running to try and get it.

Anyways, I’m doing the last leg of Week 4 on Saturday and I’m actually excited about it. Because I was scared of Week 4 once. And here I am about to complete it.

I’m on track to be ready in time for the race and am already looking at one to do in June or July nearby.

Even though it gets super hard sometimes in the middle of the run, I haven’t once come out of the gym in pain and saying “I’m done.” And I love that feeling.

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One thought on “Will run for puppies

  1. You’re awesome – and you can absolutely do it. After doing all sorts of workout regimens, I always come back to running. It feels the best overall, and you can always modify for whatever you need that day. Kick ass, lady! And keep us updated!

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