28 hours in NYC

We were in New York a few weeks ago for about 28 hours. And we got. shit. done.

I already told you about our first day, when we went to the 9/11 Memorial and High Line during the day and Times Square and the How I Met Your Mother bar at night.

Luckily we had an 11 a.m. checkout Sunday, so we took our time getting moving in the morning (the alcohol the night before may have played a part, but everyone actually felt really good).

We packed up and said our goodbyes to Megan and G with reminders that they’re gonna get their butts to Kentucky soon, whether they like it or not.

We had plans to meet with more of our cousins from up north for brunch, but also had a bit of time to kill before then, and our hotel was just a block or so from Central Park.

Guys, I love parks. They were some of my favorite things about England, about here in Louisville where there are a ton, and New York doesn’t disappoint.

We grabbed coffee first, obvi, then took a walk through the park.

And a seat for a few minutes.


Then we played photo shoot, because that’s what we do.

So cold. But so cute.


On the other side of the park we saw something else pretty cool. A small group was unloading boxes of carnations from a cab. They all had something tied to the stems.

Turns out, it was a girl’s 29th birthday, and in honor of that day, she’d be giving out 2,900 carnations she’d gotten donated from 1-800-Flowers. The notes on the stems encouraged the recipients to pass it on or in its place, an act of kindness in honor of her day.


It was Rachel’s birthday that day, too, so we got a picture of them together.


Such a cool idea and I may or may not be in the midst of planning my own way to pass it on.

Brunch was at a delicious restaurant in Greenwich Village, Barraca, where they had bottomless sangria brunch so really that’s all it took to sell us.

It was so great to spend time with our cousins we don’t always get to see very often, and the food was pretty amazing, too.


After we got our money’s worth of sangria, we said our goodbyes to the fam and headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – Sami’s one request for the trip.

I wish we could have spent two days just walking through that place. But due to our time schedule, we only had about two hours. Still, we saw some pretty awesome stuff.

I thought I would take more pictures then I did that weekend. Photo fail. But I think I was spending more time just taking everything in. It was a quick lil’ jaunt to the city, but we made the absolute most of it. And I can’t wait to go back.

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