A lot of my favorite things

OK, sometimes I only give you a few links to things I’m loving lately. But I’m feeling generous this time. So feel free to waste time on every single one of these for the next, oh, three days. There’s a lot to go through.

Here are some of my favorite things these days:

This is pure joy, right here.

I love Mateo.

OK, good to know, now how do I become a judge? Because I would pick the cutest ones. Sorry not sorry.

Things like this are part of the million reasons I love photography.

One of the best shows ever. And one of the hottest leading men ever. Timothy Olyphant? YUM.

Kind of want to do this. Especially now that I see Dooce is one of the curators.

Bravo, Newton, for encouraging change.

“So what can we do, we can’t stop the grief, we can’t stop talking. What we can do is spend the time and energy identifying vulnerable kids.”


Also, THIS.

Speaking of puppies

Oh man, I miss Breaking Bad

I want to get all of these in prints and wallpaper a room with them. Amazing.

image courtesy posterology.tumblr.com

One of my favorite cities, even before it got to keep my sister and brother-in-law for a couple years.

Life lessons.

Click on this if you want your heart (and, if you’re female, your ovaries) to explode:

Fucking genius.

Never heard of either of the Kentucky ones.. http://mentalfloss.com/article/27987/15-places-strange-names-and-how-they-got-them

Speaking of Kentucky, this would be a good birthday present for a certain Kentucky girl about to turn 30 in a couple weeks…
image courtesy kentuckyforkentucky.com

Presidential food, because why not?

A startling look at mental health and what college campuses are and are NOT doing about it..

A popular phrase the roommates and I have used lately.

Saved the best for last – I’m gonna miss havin’ Russdiculous on our team, but can’t wait to see what he can do in the NBA!

(P.s. Can someone make me a shirt that says “In Russ We Trust”?)

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