#TBT Tunes

After the last monstrosity, I honestly don’t know what to expect on this one. Your guess is as good as mine. So..here we go.

Track 1: “I Learned That From You,” Sara Evans
Obviously still in the depression. I’d definitely just been broken up with. ‘Cause that’s when I WORE THIS SONG OUT.

Track 2: “Come What May,” Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
I will never NOT love this song though. Real talk.

Track 3: “Something Like You,” NSYNC
Oh Lord. I have failed as a fan. Completely forgot about this song. So much so that the weird instrument at the beginning had me thinking it was Kenny G. Also: Baby Justin Timberlake!

Track 4: “Crush,” Dave Matthews Band
Fun fact: This was me and an ex’s “song.” Vomit. Hate him. Love the song though. Maybe I won’t throw this CD away like I did the last one.

Track 5: “Angel,” Dave Matthews Band
Another good one. Jennifer is judging right now but Matt is totally agreeing with me.

Track 6: “Selfish,” NSYNC
Really? Another lost NSYNC song. Didn’t remember this one either. I’m returning my NSYNC Christmas CD. Not worthy.

Track 7: “The Dance,” Garth Brooks
AKA one of the saddest songs ever written. I want to tell high school me about Prozac.

Track 8: “Your Song,” Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Ewan McGregor, you have the voice of an angel.

Track 9: “The Healing Kind,” LeeAnn Womack
I can’t wait until we get back to my rap rebirth.

Track 10: “The Storm,” Garth Brooks
Every track has made me more disappointed in myself.

Track 11: “Cold Day in July,” Dixie Chicks
Is it over yet? Sidenote: You really can’t beat Dixie Chicks when it comes to belting songs in your car or drunk karaoke.

Track 12: “Without You,” Dixie Chicks
Another breakup standby. Bet this is on at least 3 other mixes, btw.

Track 13: “Two People Fell In Love,” Brad Paisley
AKA wedding/anniversary song schmoozefest

Track 14: “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” Garth Brooks
I love this song so much. And Rachel and I sing it loudly together and we especially like the part (and sing it EXTRA loud) when he says “Hello Samantha dear, I hope you’re feelin’ fine….and it won’t be long until I’m with you all the time.” Because sister.

Track 15: “Gone,” NSYNC
And I’m sad again. Good grief.

Track 16: “All My Life,” KCi & JoJo
Remember what I told ya ’bout these guys?

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