Keeping my feet on dry land

As some of you may know, last year, I decided to be crazy and jump in freezing cold water.

Now this isn’t something I normally do, ’cause, you guys, it takes me forever to get into a pool even if it is pretty warm. Ugh, when it hits that part of your back and it’s the coldest you’ve ever felt? Imagine that all over. Times 10,000.

But this? This was for a good cause.

As you may remember or may have heard me say multiple times, I’ve volunteered for the past two years or so pretty regularly with Special Olympics Kentucky.

It’s safe to say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The people I’ve met through that organization and the events I’ve been able to be a part of? I wouldn’t change ’em for anything.

So when time came to jump in cold water for them, I thought “how bad could it be?”

You guys, it was bad. My body went into shock I think. I’m a good swimmer and the second my body hit the river, I couldn’t swim. At all. Still makes me shiver to think about.

I’m beyond happy I did it though, to prove to myself and people who thought I was crazy that I could. And I raised about $300 on my own to benefit the organization I’ve come to love so much.

And this year I plan to do it again – raise the money, not jump in the river.

I recently reached out to SOKY and told them as much as I loved plunging last year, this year I’d be staying dry. But I still fully intend to be down by the river that day cheering on the brave souls who are doing it for the first time and the crazy people who are doing it again. They are better people than me. I plan to volunteer in some capacity, if they’ll have me, that day, whether it’s checking people in or directing them to the hot tubs to get their body temperature back to almost normal.

Want to jump? I’ll cheer you on and hold your towels.

Want to support some amazing athletes? Click here!

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