New year, new plans, new all kinds of stuff

So for my first post of the New Year, I wanted to motivate myself. Thus, the reason it was my past year in review (when it comes to blogging).

It was pretty sad. I posted a lot that I’m really happy with, but looking back, it averages out to less than once a week! Unacceptable.

Therefore, one of the resolutions on my list of them for 2014, is to write more. I feel like I say that a lot, but really, I mean it this time. I find myself missing it, more and more, wishing I had the time to sit down and let the creativity out but then finding whatever (usually silly) reason not to.

So here’s a promise in writing to give you lots more to read this year (or look at, ’cause that photography thing’s getting to be a lot of fun).

I’m also hoping to start a “Photo of the Week” posted every week to help on two fronts: It will keep me posting regularly and taking pictures more often, instead of just when I’ve been hired to.

I said I had a list of resolutions and I wasn’t kidding. I’m sure you’ll gradually hear about them as I work to accomplish them, but in general, this year they are about putting myself first, in all aspects. I will do what makes me happy, I will do what’s best for me, I will take better care of myself: mentally, physically, emotionally, all of the -lys.

And it starts today. Clean slate. 2014.

Let’s do this.

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