I see (more) famous people

OK, so where were we?

Oh. EMILIO!! “The Mighty Ducks man, I swear to God.” If you know what that quote’s from then I love you. If not, I have a movie to recommend to you.

Anyways. So we met Emilio. And his friend whose name I really don’t remember but she was super nice and made friends with us immediately at Celebrity Day at the Downs.

It’s hilarious too, ’cause she was like, “What celebrity are you guys most excited to see?” And we were like, “Um, Emilio, duh.” And she was like, “Seriously???” And then told us how they had dinner with his dad the night before, “You know, Martin Sheen.” Yeah, we know who his dad is, lady, and also his brother’s real crazy, now, how can we get in this movie?

Well, Emilio was also on the guest list for the huge party the next night, the night before Derby – the Barnstable Brown Gala. Those of you unfamiliar with Derby madness, it’s an elite party hosted by former Doublemint Twins and all the money (or lots of it) goes to charity. It’s where most of the celebrities go when they’re in town to see the race, and it’s insane.

People basically camp out outside the house hours and hours before the party, to catch a glimpse of people as they come in and walk the mini-red carpet. And you don’t get in unless you have a TON of money, know someone who does, or somehow work for the party – or the press.

That’s where I come in. One of the biggest press perks is getting in places you wouldn’t otherwise get in to. Cause there’s no way this girl would be there unless the situation was like it was this year – when my job required me to go take pics of the famous folks. DARN.

So I bought a fancy dress (fancy for me anyway, cause I usually only wear dresses for super special occasions. I’m working on changing that though. Bear with me. And my whitey white legs) and put on eyeliner for a change. (That’s how you know shit is getting real.)

My goals for the night were simple, meet Emilio again and get a picture this time and also meet another celebrity that is majorly important in my universe – Terry O’Quinn, aka John Locke, aka the BAMF from LOST. Oh and I also wanted some swag if we were allowed to take it.

Back to the John Locke thing for a second – when LOST was on, I was damn near obsessed. And that man on that show was the best thing about it (aside from Naveen Andrews, yum). His character is one of my most favorite from any television show ever and when I heard he was going to be at Barnstable, I knew I had to meet him before the night was over.

Four of us from the office went to the party, two of whom stayed down on the Red Carpet and then another co-worker and I parked ourselves higher up on the hill, mainly because neither of us is afraid to talk to anyone, and would probably have better luck. And that plan proved to be the best one, ’cause that’s where we saw everyone.

Here’s a quick look at a couple that stopped – and a couple that barely stopped.


Fun fact: The (Now Former) Roommate had met the other love of his life (besides his wife) the day before at a concert, Miranda Lambert. When I saw her at the party and before asking for a picture of her and her friends I told her she’d made his life when they met and she said I was sweet. (Now I’m like 2 degrees from Adam Levine).


Tom Brady basically ran by because he thinks he’s a big deal but no one cared all that much. And then we made friends with Darryl McDaniels (the DMC of RunDMC, so, ya know, NBD.)


When Terry O’Quinn showed up, you could tell where the LOST fans were – I heard a few screams of excitement and then saw him start to walk up the hill. And that’s when my legs stopped working.

I got really clammy and dumb and ALMOST called him John Locke when I stopped him and asked him for a picture. I had so many questions for him – about the show, about his character, about if Naveen is as hot in real life, but yeah, I just smiled. And tried to breathe.


John Mother-Effing Locke and I. Buds.


Then we saw our buddy Garrett again, and talked to him about his winnings from The Oaks ’cause we are cool like that.


And then, speaking of buddies, I saw my friend from the track the day before – Emilio’s friend. We talked for a little bit like it was nothing, just me and her and Ed and Emilio, then I worked up the nerve to ask him for a pic.

And he said “Sure, sweetie” and I quacked under my breath and the rest is history. I will cherish this photo forever.


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