Lovey dovey

I saw John Mayer in concert a long time ago. Twice, actually. I think? It’s been a while.

And I saw my girl Katy Perry a couple years ago. Best concert I’ve ever seen (until this summer’s NKOTB/Boyz II Men/98 Degrees amazingness). But we aren’t talking about that now.

Allegedly, John and Katy are together. And this makes me happy. Because they both make beautiful music that describes my life at various times and they’re just generally great and now…guess what. They made a song together.

And it’s glorious.

Seriously, I’ve had it on repeat for days and it makes me wanna fall in love so bad. And also makes me hope they never break up.

But yeah. Just give it a listen and tell me you don’t like it.

I especially like this part..

“My boy ain’t the one that I saw coming,
Some have said his heart’s to hard to hold.
It takes a little time, but you should see him when he shines.
Because you’ll never want to let that feeling go.”


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