Add this one to the resume

I can photograph babies. So, ya know, including that in my portfolio which now includes pretty much the entire spectrum – senior portraits, engagements, weddings, families, maternity and now, newborns!

My bffs Jennifer and Matt just had a baby. Grayson! He’s adorable and awesome and I love him a lot and I’m pretty sure the feeling’s mutual. Seriously, ask Jenn. She saw him fall in love with me. He’s also forgiven me for thinking he was a girl the whole time he was in the belly.

Disclaimer: Not so good at predictions. You should see my March Madness bracket for – oh, EVER.

Anyways. I am basically the Cook family photographer, a job I love. I get to hang out with my best friends and take pictures of them and their cute kids, which is not hard. Pretty sure both Matt and B are professional models.

Matt even wrote about it all on his blog – which you should totally be reading if you love beer, running, babies, or ya know, really good blogs.

Also he made me cry. In a good way though.

So yeah, Grayson.

A few weeks after it was born, it was time for his newborn photo shoot! It was a busy day for him, but he handled it like a pro. He had several costume changes and we made him lay around in just a diaper for a long time. And he rocked it. Champion.

Seriously, look at this stuff – I just held the camera. He did the work. Ha.












And probably the very best part about this particular photo shoot? Baby snuggles. Before, during and after. They’re the best. A bit like crack, I’d imagine, but I’ve never done crack so that’s just a guess.

I can’t wait to watch this kid grow up and keep taking pictures of that adorable face!

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