Playing catch-up

You might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet as of late. At least in terms of blogging.

Oh, you haven’t? Good. I mean..I’ve been here all along!

But seriously, I’ve got so much to tell you about.

In this past month I have: transitioned into a new position with new responsibilities at my job, taken engagement pictures for two awesome couples, helped to plan and execute a baby shower and a talent show at church, oh and I found a new place to live for when my lease runs out in January.

What am I forgetting……OH YEAH, BOSTON.

Check back tomorrow(ish – I’m not making any promises), and the next day for details on that awesome trip – wherein my sisters and I and Chuckie and Ines were reunited for five days and spent most of it walking.

And I have some of those engagement pics to show you.

So while I get to working on that, here’s a few awesome things I’ve found lately that might keep you occupied.

Marlon Brando was a perfect man. Duh.

One of the best things on SNL in the past year.

Pretty much all of this guy’s videos are great. The holding hands sneak attack ones are my favorites.

Perfect for those times when you’re just feeling a little low.

I just got a subscription to this magazine. Best idea in a long time. Plus they do cool web stuff like this.


Something I make will probably end up on here someday. I suck at crafts.

This is the only logical reaction in this situation.

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