That’s a lot o’ words, yo

I have more than 500 songs on my iPhone/iPod. I’m only embarrassed about like, two of them.

My eye has twitched about 500 times this week alone.

Somewhat related (on account of he’s in a movie called 500 Days of Summer), I also loved this:

At this point you are either so happy that I’ve just shared a glorious gif of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this post, or are super confused as to why you’re here and if this all has a point.

Of course it does.

As in, 500 posts. This is a milestone. I think. I mean, 500 is pretty cool. Or it means I talk write too much. And you’ve read some (maybe most, hopefully all) of them. So thanks for that.

Yeah, so 500 posts. 3.5 years.

And probably only like 340 of them had a curse word.

I thought a little while after I posted number 499 about doing something exciting for 500. About doing something to make it the best post ever. And then it was late and those Family Guy episodes weren’t gonna watch themselves.

So here you have it. Post #500. Landmark moment right here.

I sure do hope you’ll stick around for the next 500. You won’t be sorry. And I’ll try to curse less more.

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