Possibly/probably a waste of money

It’s quite hard to meet someone to be in a real, honest-to-God, we’re grown-ups, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship as an adult.

Nope? Just me? Awesome.

I’m in that fun place of really busy with work and life and friends I already have so I don’t have the time or patience so much to go out and meet new people, especially at a bar because have you seen these bars lately? I did college.

Speaking of college, I had game back then. Now, not so much.

It’s not that there are no guys interested. They just aren’t for the right reasons. At least one isn’t. And then there’s this other one that has been around much much longer than he should have. I think he just wants the comfort of knowing I’ll still be around. And I have been, unfortunately. So that’s done.


So I did what any almost 30-year-old single girl would do. I created an online dating profile.

It’s not my first foray into the unknown world that is meeting someone on the Internet. I tried eHarmony for like a minute but that shit was expensive and highly unsuccessful.

I have a pretty set opinion thus far on online dating (forgive me if you’ve done it and it’s worked, I still have yet to be convinced because it hasn’t happened to me ((see also: my feelings on paranormal experiences)) but I believe it can happen for some).

My feeling on the matter is why spend $60 or $40 or however much per month for people to look at and judge you. And then maybe you’ll meet someone. Um, I do that every day. It’s called life. Also, I don’t have to spend any money.

ALSO, if I’m spending that much money, why not just go to a bar and do the exact same thing – let guys look at me and see if they’re interested and if not, at least I can get drunk and I won’t feel like I’ve wasted my money or my time, because hey, beer’s good.

OK. So. I signed up. For free. Because they let you do that thing where you fill out a profile (more on that another time) and post a pic an then put it out there and oh, look, someone says hi, but to find out anything about them, please pay anywhere from $0-$102 and get to courtin’!

It’s bullshit. And sucked me right in, because wouldn’t you know it, I had an email waiting for me. From a real boy – allegedly.

I’ve signed up for a month. One month. That’s what I’m giving it. If I’m still a doubter 30 days from now I’m done. That’s money to go towards the iPad I’ve been wanting to buy.

So hey, Internet, I’m out there. Psychos/murderers/dramatic types need not apply. Otherwise, now, I guess I wait to be noticed.

I feel like throwing up.

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One thought on “Possibly/probably a waste of money

  1. Don’t be so pessimistic! I personally know of two very successful online dating relationships (text me for names) who are now married and/or engaged. It can happen! If you expect online dating to not work out from the start, you’re already setting yourself up for failure!

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