Little Talks. Lil’ bitty ones.

Full disclosure – when I give you a song, I don’t watch more than about 30 seconds of the music video. Mostly I just let it play in the background while I write about it.

That is all.

Unless it’s OK Go, because those have the tendency to be RI-DONK.

This one is weird as hell. Like, Bjork weird. In fact, I think she’s in there. Or her doppleganger…But good song.

I came upon this song when it was on the radio randomly last week. And I didn’t get the name, because I was on my way somewhere and had to get out of the car before that robot girl on 102.3 told me what it was. She’s so reliable…

I also didn’t Shazam it, because, hello, DRIVING. Also, there are stupid amounts of orange barrels in the roads these days I have to pay special attention to avoid and I feel that Shazam wouldn’t be conducive to such activities.

So anyways, to find out the song – I listened to just about every song in the iTunes Top 10, not counting the ones I already knew, owned, or knew who it wasn’t. I did that until I found it. I knew it’d be on there too, because the radio is dumb these days and only plays songs once they know everyone likes it, they don’t really promote the whole “Get into some new music” thing. It sucks.

So yeah. Of Monsters and Men is the group, and Little Talks is the song. It has trumpets. And sounds somewhat Mumfordish. Plus a girl singer.

And I already did the detective work of finding out the who and what and the video for you!

You’re welcome.

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