A Week Away

One week from today is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I am disappointed in myself as we head into the event because I haven’t done even a hundredth of what I did last year, when we raised more than $2,000 for the cause and I was telling you about it pretty much every time the wind blew.

However, I’m also telling myself that it’s OK. That there will be years we do this that aren’t as easy as others. There won’t be as many opportunities for fund-raising, money will be tight and hard to part with, other things will come up. But that doesn’t mean the cause, or the people we’re supporting will be forgotten.

Because a significant part of supporting this organization, of supporting those suffering from this disease and their loved ones is just showing up. Just being there. Whether I give 100 pennies or $100, my love for my grandma, for anyone suffering from this horrible disease, doesn’t change.

Next year I’ll start earlier. Next year I’ll do more. And if I don’t, it’ll be OK. But I want to. I want to push myself to do more for others, to do what I can to help the cause, to help make sure no one else feels this pain someday.

And next week, in our personalized T-shirts we walked in last year, with a few new faces and a few supporting us from afar, we will Walk. And we will celebrate. And we will honor those who’ve been diagnosed with this disease, who are fighting it, who have fought it, who fear that one day they might be the one we are walking for.

And it won’t matter how much we’ve raised. It will matter that we’re there. And that we always will be.

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