Even more smiley things

This next week and a half or so I’m gonna be a little bit distracted. On account of my sister’s getting married!!

But that doesn’t mean y’all will be neglected. Look at all the fun stuff I found for you…

Jimmy Kimmel Live is great. Since I stay up so late most of the time, you’d think I’d watch his show more often. But I don’t. I usually just catch the best clips later. And this is a prime example.

I think my favorite is Zooey Deschanel. Also, he’s done this before.

Put this on your feed. This guy does drawings for the New York Times every Sunday and did a whole series of interactive ones for the Olympics. And y’all know how I love the Olympics..

This picture:

If you don’t have Buzzfeed on your reader/bookmarked, do it now. I’ll wait…. Seriously you won’t regret it because they do lists all the time. And not just any lists. Adorable and awesome ones like this: Dogs Wearing Sunglasses.

This: Moon over London

This picture:

New Ragu commercials. Hilarious.

The next T-shirt I’m buying.

So true.

Also, this picture:

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One thought on “Even more smiley things

  1. Oh my gosh… Thank you for the Dogs Wearing Sunglasses link. That just made me soooo happy. And the Halloween picture? I cry from laughing every time I see that stupid pumpkin with marker all over it. Hahahhahahah. It looks like the devil!

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