Building that portfolio

So I guess this photo thing is a Photo Thing. I can now add senior portraits to the resume/list.

Last weekend, I took my pretty lil’ cousin Anna’s senior pictures, even though she’s still way too young to be a senior in my opinion. And my little sister shouldn’t be in college. And my other little sister is too young to be getting married.

Just kidding, of course, but good grief, time flies. Everybody’s growing up on me.

I took 900 pictures that day, and before you get shocked, we spent two straight hours (well, minus a little driving and wardrobe changing time) shooting, plus you have to try different poses and different types of lighting and well, before you know it you’re at 900 pics to go through.

It was so much fun and I think they turned out pretty great! Lucky for me, the “clients” A.K.A. my aunt, uncle and cousin, are pleased, too.

Of the 900 I took, I gave them about 150 to choose from. And I’m giving you a few to look at, too, because I’m such a nice person and not about self-promotion at all.

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