Pretty pictures…if I do say so myself

I’ve gotten the OK from the brides-to-be, so now I can share.

I’ve taken two sets of “Save-The-Date” photos for two of the three sets of my favorite couples getting married this summer. And I’m pretty proud of them.

Neither one went as planned – at Rachel and Chuckie’s it was ridiculously windy and the sun was completely blinding when you stood in front of the building.

And for Rebecca and Jered’s, the plan was to go to downtown Nashville, until randomly and for no reason it snowed the day we were supposed to go. So we went to Opryland Hotel, which is beautiful but has poorly-placed bathrooms (fun fact: I had to pee so bad I think I ran through that entire hotel trying to find a place).

But it’s not about me, it’s about them. And how awesome they are for trusting an unprofessional photographer with a nice camera to take such important photos for them.

So here’s some a lot of them, only a few of which we used. But I included a bunch that didn’t make the final cut. You’re welcome.

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