Bloggie buddies

My friends and family members are all ridiculously talented at different things. Crafts, cooking/baking, photography, speaking foreign languages, life…

There are several of them who are awesome at writing. And luckily for me you all of us, they’ve started blogs!

And even though you see ’em down the side of this page every time you visit, you may not know what they’re about. But I’m going to need you to give them a better look. ‘Cause then you’ll be a fan like me.

You’re welcome.

Somewhere Only We Know – My sister writes this one, in fact, she just started it this week! She’s planning a wedding and moving to Boston with my future brother-in-law this summer so he can be a smart kid at MIT and whatnot. She’s going to write about all that and more, and it will be good. And funny. Because she’s funny. And she’s my sister, so the talent for blogging has to have rubbed off some.

Caitlin pequeña, Mundo grandísimo – My lil’ cousin Caitlin decided to start a blog and she writes about (some of) her adventures in college. She’s spending two months in South Africa this summer, and I can’t wait to read all about it!

Lager Jogger – My good friend Matt writes this blog about the two things the title of it suggests – beer and running. He brews his own beer with a kit in his house and he’s training for a triathlon at the moment. He and his wife (one of my besetst friend and the most frequent commenter on this blog) are my inspiration when it comes to running and also sometimes he shares his home-brews.

Oh Me – One of my bffs, Ashley, is responsible for this blog. She’s a kindergarten teacher and a great lady. And she’s not afraid to write about poop. Reason #1923801820 why I love her.

Life Unscripted – Another friend named Ashley keeps this blog up. She does some really cool link-ups and writes about her life, obviously, as the title suggests, including her cute lil’ nephew and adorable puppy, Max!

Waiting On The Butterflies – Sarah is hilarious. Also a kindergarten teacher and friend of mine, she has no shortage of funny stories.

These people are all my friends/family. Read their blogs. Love them. Bookmark them. You won’t be sorry.

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