Today is the birthday of my little sister, Rachel. She is a quarter of a century old. And cute.

And by now, you know the drill. She’s family, it’s a birthday, I like lists. Here is a list, filled with some of the things I like about her.

1. She knows what I’ll say before I say it and is one of the few people who knows what I’m thinking just from a look.
2. She started a blog!
3. She takes my advice on television shows she should watch, which makes me feel important.
4. She was my first roommate.
5. She is letting me take engagement pictures of her and Chuckie and I did their Save-the-Dates.
6. She’s really good at crafts but not so good it’s annoying, so she’ll come with me to do things like paint.
7. She’s moving to Boston for a couple years (which is simultaneously happy and sad, because I’ll miss her a lot, but it’s an amazing opportunity for her and Swarles) and she said I can come visit!
8. She put me in charge of the playlist for the wedding day preparation, because she respects my DJ abilities.
9. She is already committed to a Justin Timberlake concert with me wherever we can if he ever goes back on tour.
10. We don’t hold hands as much as me and Sami or me and Chuckie do, but that’s OK.

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