Have you heard of Instagram? Used it yet? If your answer was no, then you’re crazy.

Just kidding, but, um, I’m hooked on it.

You know how I like photography and pictures and whatnot – I mean, I’m well on my way to being a professional, remember?

Beyond the fact that the iPhone lets you take ridiculously awesome pictures, Instagram lets you use all sorts of kick-ass filters on them and then you post ’em and share them with your friends. It’s like everything you love about Twitter and Facebook but (in Facebook’s case anyway) but better – at the moment anyway, until like a week from now when something even more amazing comes out.

If you do have Instagram or this little blurb has convinced you to get it (and frankly how could it not…) you should follow me. @Laurtastic

And here’s a peek at the kind of photographs you’d be subjecting yourself to if you did.

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