Remember how I talked about First World Problems?

I thought it’d be funny to keep a log of the ones I was “suffering from” in the past couple weeks. They’re all really serious things to worry about, you guys.

I’m way behind on all my shows.

I have no time to catch up on the stuff on my DVR.

The antibacterial dispensers weren’t motion-activated.

It’s so annoying when Pandora stops playing to ask if you are still listening.

I woke up at 7 a.m. On a Saturday. Usually I get up at 8.

I had to get out of my warm and comfy bed an hour before my alarm because I had to pee.

I got five new comments to approve on the blog but they turned out to all be spam.

It’s too cold to walk outside to go get lunch.

Girl Scout cookies come in smaller boxes so now there are fewer of them.

I have something going on every night this week.

My headphone cords are always tangled.

I’m tired of all the music on my iPod.

I need a new laundry basket.

I’m too tired to pack a lunch for tomorrow at work.

There aren’t any new episodes of Glee until April.

I don’t have time for a nap this weekend.

I only had time to nap for like, an hour.

My magazine subscription ran out and I don’t know if I want to renew it.

Whenever my nails all get the same length and look nice, one always breaks and then I have to cut all of them.

My pillows aren’t fluffy anymore and my neck hurts in the morning.

I had a dream where I was dating Jason Segel but he broke up with me.

I’ll never be a Muppeteer.

I’m too afraid of needles to get Lasik.

I accidentally fell asleep with my contacts in now they’re dried out.

I can’t eat cheese anymore because my body rejects it.

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