When Twitter takes over real life

True story – I use Twitter more than Facebook these days. I prefer it. Granted there are still awesome things about Facebook, but my attention span has dwindled to the point that Twitter’s good enough for me. Late-stage ADD, if you will.

And sometimes it takes over my life. Like, when The Roommate and I text each other and use hashtags… #itshappened

Or when I see something outside of Twitter and comment as a hashtag, with my voice.

For example. A few weeks ago, someone I know mentioned they were really getting burnt out on eating at an expensive restaurant. My reply? First world problems.

That’s a hashtag. And if you don’t know what a hashtag is, well then that’s why you shouldn’t get a Twitter account, Dad.

I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve seen it/heard it/gotten it in a text from other people.

But back to the First World Problems.

Someone had the genius (I’m being serious, actually) idea to make a video of 100 of them. And it’s amazeballs.

Which reminds me…I’m totally writing a post full of first world problems…..

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