Remembering the end of an era

Harry Potter has been over for a while now. No new books, no new movies. I refuse to accept it.

Just kidding. But I will miss the excitement of the book release parties and the midnight showings and the fellow HP nerds that made you feel like you belonged.

When the seventh book came out, I was in Jackson, Tennessee, visiting one of the bfs. There were games and snacks and a two-year-old dressed as Dobby and as there always were at these things, news cameras, which brings me to one of my Top Five favorite Sammi quotes ever. (You can see another one here.)

Sammi: I will eat every flavor Bertie Bott‘s if I can just get on TV.

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5 thoughts on “Remembering the end of an era

    1. I think I miss the excitement around the new ones almost as much! Now there’s no more midnight showings of ’em and midnight book releases!

    1. Haha true story! My family made a game out of it and tried to trick each other into eating the grossest ones! They’re very realistic! Haha.

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