I take this job very seriously

My little sister is getting married in August – more on that another time – and as her bridesmaids, me and the baby sister and the bffs all got assignments for the day of the event in the cards asking us to be a part of their day.

Mine, obvs, is to be in charge of the playlist when we’re getting ready.

And you read this blog, you know me. It’s gonna have a LOT of Glee on it. True story.

Part of my challenge, however, is getting everyone to be Glee fans before the day. I think almost all of us are, but for the hold-outs, I am making it my mission to make them a fan by then.

My evidence to support my case? This video:

Yes, it’s corny, but I would totally say yes if I got proposed to like that. (It is a proposal, for those of you who don’t watch, the video just cuts off before he asks her). And also, if you liked nothing else, how hilarious is it when Artie rolls his wheelchair into the pool at the beginning?

Jennifer, you will like this show before August 24th.

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