People always told me, be careful what you do..

American Idol’s back, I hear.

I don’t really watch it anymore, but I did a few seasons ago. The David Cook Season. I voted my ass off that season. And it paid off. ‘Cause my boy won.

One of my favorite performances of his – and one that wasn’t matched in awesomeness in terms of a cover. Until Drew did it this year on X Factor. (Yes, I watched that. Makes no sense, I know.)

DC’s version is below. Love it. Love him. Want to be a singer in my next life.

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2 thoughts on “People always told me, be careful what you do..

    1. I’m behind on the times, but thanks for your comment! My roommate is still a big Idol fan but I can’t get into it anymore. It’s become too much about the backstories and feeling sorry for them and not enough about the talent!

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