See what I did there? I’m so smart. i should totally be on Jeopardy.

Ugh, dammit, Jeopardy.

As many all of you know, the Jeopardy online test was Tuesday night. I was as prepared as I could possibly be, I guess, meaning I didn’t really do anything beforehand any differently from the last time I took it.

Well, I take that back. Sami texted me like, four questions and also gave me a quick German/philosophy lesson during a phone call last week. So I was more prepared than last time.

Still failed pretty miserably though. I think. I could tell you what the questions were, but the Jeopardy test is a lot like a job interview, in that I get really nervous and have no idea what happened as soon as it’s over.

I only know that I got about 15-20 questions out of the 50 and that’s because most of them were pop culture-related or about books or something I already knew and I’d give you an example but I seriously just sat here for two minutes trying to think of one of the questions and the only one I could think of had to do with what show Sofia Vergara is on.

Oh and I also got one right about Led Zeppelin, but it was as time ran out so I’d only typed “Led.” Wonder if they’ll count that.

I do remember they give you 15 seconds for each question and besides the fact that a lot of the questions are harder than the ones that make it on the air, 15 seconds is NOT THAT LONG. I realize you have to be prepared for this once you’re on the show and all, but this test doesn’t account for outside factors, like sleep-deprivation from spending a weekend in Disney chaperoning middle- and high-schoolers.

I have no idea when they notify you if you moved on but I do know that in the case of Jeopardy, no news actually is bad news, because they don’t tell you that you didn’t make it.

Still got my fingers kind of crossed for the slim chance not many people took it or did worse than me so they have to take me. I hyped it up a lot beforehand, too, people were talking about having parties to watch me on the show and I was already spending my prize money. Not really seriously, of course, but OMG how cool would it have been???

I’ll let you know, of course, if I hear any differently, and I still maintain I’d totally rock the personality part of the try-out if I were to get that far. But for now, it’s just time to wait and see.

And there’s always next year’s test. I’m gonna start studying now.

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