One of the best combinations since PB&J

While it’s like 99 percent official that my favorite superhero of all time is Iron Man, there is someone that’s in an awfully close second.


Not the Michael Keaton version or the George Clooney version or Val Kilmer. The Christian Bale one.

Dark Knight is, in my opinion, the best superhero movie, ever. Don’t argue.

And, luckily, they’re making another one, The Dark Knight Rises. Seen the trailer? WATCH IT NOW. Don’t argue.

Baller. Right?

Even more baller? The video posted below, where some genius (and I don’t mean that sarcastically) took the audio from that amazeballs preview and synced it with clips from The Lion King. Matches up pretty perfectly.

And I totally think Michael Caine should have done Zazu’s voice.

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