Amo a mi familia

Things my family had at our Christmas party that I bet yours didn’t:

Sombreros and fake mustaches

Lots of ninos and Holly/Pooder

Precision shooting contests with a Nerf gun

A chili pepper pinata filled with candy and prizes held by someone who a)first suggested we break it in the house and b)doesn’t remember that first part at all.

Competitive ribbon dancing

So yeah, this year for my family’s annual Christmas party, we had a theme. Was it a Christmas theme? Pfft no. It was a Mexican theme.

We ate tacos and fajitas and drank margaritas. We did a white elephant gift exchange from which I received the coziest blanket of my life that has gained a permanent home in my bed.

We have yet to decide on a theme for next year’s party, but ideas that have been tossed out include Vikings, Pirates, Chinese or German.

Or we could do a combination of those. Yeah. We’re awesome and unpredictable like that. Reason #1291523859081290 why I love my family. As if I needed any more reasons….

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