Update: Chapstick Watch 2K11

So I was all prepared to sit down and lament the loss of one of my most valued possessions. Luckily, I had less time to write than I did to look for said possession because it’s since been found!

Confused yet?

Remember my experiment? I wanted to see how long I could hold onto the same tube of Chapstick because it never happens. This experiment may next be replicated with a fish. I am not known for being the best at fish ownership, but dammit if I don’t love them enough to try

R.I.P. Koolaid Orlando Hagan-Roberts, 2003-2003.

We were doing alright with the Chapstick in those first few days. If it wasn’t in my pocket, it was on my desk, or in my purse.

There were even a couple of scares, where I searched and searched and it happened to be wedged into that far corner of my purse where I couldn’t get to it, ya know, behind the lone glove, small replica of a London phone booth and 48 cents I had rolling around in there as well.

And it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if a) I hadn’t proclaimed my plan on the Internet for all the world and my family to see or b) the Chapstick wasn’t so damn good!

It’s a white hot cocoa kind that I have yet to see anywhere else, only adding to my anxiety that it’s definitely gonna get lost, it’s just a matter of when.

A little over a week ago I thought it was over. I’d made a couple of stops on the way home from work and there was a significant possibility that while pulling something else out of my pocket, Lil’ Chappy came right along out with it. Because I couldn’t find it for the next five days.

Then, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I’m just sitting on the couch, minding my own business. I get up to unplug my charger from its home beside the end table and what’s laying on the floor? CHAPSTICK! Unharmed, un-lost, hallelujah, have mercy.

I know exactly where it is at the moment and hope it stays that way. But those Chapsticks are tricky little buggers, so there’s no telling when you’ll see an update for real on its departure from my life. Let’s hope its not anytime soon. My arms already have to suffer from
this weather (thanks again, eczema), I’d rather my lips not have to, too.

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