We’ve all gotten a little bit taller since then…

Hey turkeys, I hope you had the happiest of Thanksgiving. My family’s was pretty great, but more on that later.

At Grandma’s back in the day, we always got pictures taken of all the grandkids at every holiday. I, being the oldest, have always been the designated baby-holder, ’cause I’m responsible and whatnot.

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Anna, posted this gem to her Facebook:

It was from Christmas, I think, 17 years ago. Meaning I was 10. And Anna, who posted it, is that crying baby on my lap. Since then we’ve added a few more cousins, but for the sake of comparison and hilarity, we recreated it this year with the original cast.

Needless to say, we can no longer all 8 fit on Grandma’s couch. But the dynamic and the silliness and the adorableness is still basically the same.

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