Chapstick Watch 2K11

One of the great mysteries of the world – besides where the other sock is, how Robert Downey Jr. can be that amazing and why “Whitney” is still on the air – is what happens to all the Chapsticks I ever buy.

Seriously. I have never finished an entire Chapstick. I’ve lost them somehow or accidentally thrown them away or, most recently, left it in my pants pocket so it went through the washer and dryer. Because I didn’t know how safe it would be to put on my lips and possibly ingest after that process, I threw that one out.

Now, I have a new one. It was $1 at Walgreens and I’ve had it so far for approximately 4 days. I’ve managed to keep an eye on it thus far, but I’m attempting an experiment. I’m going to (attempt to) not lose track of it for as long as possible. And see what happens.

Right now, I know exactly where it is. On the counter in my bathroom. See?

But give it oh, 48 hours. It never lasts. Actually, if you’ll excuse me – no, wait. Still on the bathroom counter. Whew.

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