Rap superstar

I am the reason my sister knew all the words to Busta’s “Break Yo Neck” in high school. I still got all the words to Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems up in the ol’ noggin’ and rap along just fine when it comes on 100.5.

Then there was that whole couple of years in my life when I could – actually, who am I kidding, I still can – do all of Nelly’s Country Grammar album like it was my own. Loved him. So did my dad. No joke.

My current rapper of choice is Weezy, of course, for several reasons, including that I can sound like him when I’ve got The Bronch or a sinus infection (which is at least 8 times a year) and he’s the shit. And I’ve almost got ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’ down.

However, there are a couple of rappers sneaking up on me. Jay-Z and Kanye.

My sister and Swarles have long been fans of ‘Ye. Many a night of partying with friends has brought out one or both of them singing his stuff word-for-word. And Jay-Z ain’t bad either, he’s just never been my number one (NELLY reference, anyone? Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers…).

But Watch the Throne? Pretty good. At least the three songs I’ve heard off there on the regular – Otis, H*A*M and —-as In Paris.

That last one I downloaded Sunday night. I have since listened to it about nine times. And slowly but surely, I’m learning the words. Because I’m a fan of good rap. And this is good rap. Plus it has Blades of Glory snippets in it and if you put Will Ferrell in a song, that’s enough to make me happy right there.

Below are the words/versus/lines/bits I know so far. It really gives you a good idea of the song as a whole.

“Y’all don’t know that don’t shit faze me.”

“Bitch behave.”

Something about “broke my clock but roll east it still tick tock.

“That shit cray.”

“That shit cray.”

“That shit. cray.”

She said ‘Ye can we get married at the maaaaahhll? Come and meet me in the bathroom staaaaaahll.”

“What she order? Fish filet.”

My favorite part – “Prince Williams ain’t do it right if you ask me. If i was him I woulda married Kate and Ashley.”

“What’s that jacket, marzshilla?”

“They going gorilla.” Then there’s that part from Blades of Glory where Napoleon Dynamite says “I don’t know what that means” and Will Ferrell says “Nobody knows what it means. It’s provocative.” Seriously.

“You now watchin’ the throne.”

Then Kanye says “dont let me get in my zone.” A bunch.

And somewhere in there Jay-Z said he’s got “that hot bitch at home” (shout out, Beyonce!) and ‘Ye says “you know how many hot bitches I own?”

Yeah. That’s all I got. Beautiful though, right?

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