Squirrel…dry cleaner…same thing

My parents are not making it easy on themselves when it comes to keeping them out of the blog. Everything will be fine and dandy and uneventful and then we go out to dinner with them and I wish I had it on video.

Since I don’t, you’ll have to settle for a partial transcript of part of our evening the other night. Scene: Me, Rachel, Mom and Dad at dinner at a Chinese restaurant near their house. We are each talking about our day and about work and Rachel is a few minutes into a story about her job when Mom speaks up.

Mom, looking across the restaurant while Rachel is still talking: “Is that my dry cleaner?”
Dad, looking too: “Did you pick up my suit?”
Rachel, looking at me because she’s just realized I’m the only one really paying attention: “Anyway, Laura…”

It’s a lot like this with them sometimes:

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