Chef Dad

If we’re being 100-percent honest here, I had this blog planned way before Dad commented on a post and said he’d be down to get me a camera for Christmas if he was featured in more posts.

In fact, I should have written this during the summer, when Chef Dad was at the grill in all his glory.

You see, my dad has recently developed an increased affection for food. Not that he eats any more than he did before. He just appreciates it more now.

I have no idea when it started for sure, on account of I don’t live with them anymore, but all of the sudden – earlier this summer – Dad seemed to be talking a lot more about Food Network shows and dinners at their house seemed to be centering more around what could be made on the grill.

Father’s Day was easy this year – easier than it’s been in a while – because we knew what he wanted: grill stuff.

He started looking up recipes, trying different combinations of things and, oh yeah, when we said grace before dinner, a little part was added where we thanked God for Bobby Flay. Dad’s idea.

Now, when food is being made and something’s done wrong, he’s the first to tell you you’d be kicked off Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen or whatever he’s been watching lately.

He gets a little bossier than usual when he’s grilling, but he’s also in his element out there. He loves it. And he’s even appreciating food more, I think.

Like recently when he took me and Rachel out to lunch and was picking up on the little things they’d done to the burger he got.

This is all from a man who once, while in charge of cooking when Mom was out of town, made us meatloaf that contained two HANDFULS of brown sugar and looked like dog food.

So, as someone who is equally untalented when it comes to cooking, it gives me hope for the future. Maybe I just need to get a grill.

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