Another stab at poetry

One time I wrote a post that was mainly haikus. Most people didn’t understand it, especially my dad, who wondered what the correlation was between my subject matter — how much I love truTV — and the haikus themselves.

There was no correlation. Isn’t that the whole point of poetry? Nothing needs to be made into a poem but you slap a few words together and some people think it’s brilliant.

So in that spirit, and because it’s the beginning of the holiday season — and by that I mean No-Shave-November started yesterday — I’m going to write a couple poems about the month that brings a plethora of scruffy dudes that I’m 90-percent sure will be gracing my Facebook news feed every day with updates of their progress. And by poems I mean haikus. And by a couple I mean two. I’m not a poet. I can’t be contained like that.

The beard looks sexy
Sideburns, I’m sorry, do not
Learn to maintain that

Goatees work on some
On others they just look gross
Keep that baby trimmed

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