Looking for a good present to get me? It rhymes with shmamra.

Oh hey there. I was just thinking earlier today that it’s about that time. About that time when I remember that people that buy me birthday/Christmas presents read this blog. And hopefully, they are susceptible to blatant hints.

On account of there’s something I want. And not that i expect it but it would be really awesome and I’ve been good this year. For the most part.

And I could buy it for myself, in a few months probably, but Mom and Dad want me to be saving my money for other things – like a condo/house when the lease is up here with The Roommate. And buying this camera that I totally don’t need but really want would just be irresponsible at this juncture. (Right, parents?)

And, oh would you look at that. Here’s the kind of camera I want. Pay close attention to the amounts for used or refurbished cameras.

Yeah, that’s right, it doesn’t even have to be brand new. And you don’t have to buy me anything else but the body and the regular lens. I’ll buy a longer lens later and even buy the memory card for it myself.

Hey, here’s another one! Even cheaper! And that’s fine, as long as it’s not damaged or the lens isn’t scratched!


Pay close attention to how it says it can be gift wrapped. Gift wrapped. ‘Cause it could like, be a gift for someone. Maybe someone who is kind of good at taking pictures and wants to get better. And will totally take awesome pictures for you to hang on the wall in your newly decorated and painted living room/family room/dining room.

Oh, the pictures I could take with this camera. All amazing at whatnot. So, in conclusion, please remember how much you like me and I will never ask you for anything again. Or at least I will try not to. For at least two years. Unless I need help with the new place to live thing…..JUST KIDDING….shhh.

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