Girl Crush

I’ve told you about my various pretend boyfriends, before. Like Jason Segel, who I fully intend to marry. Or Naveen Andrews. Or Justin Timberlake. Or Rob Dyrdek.

I can be a little boy crazy.

But there’s one girl I kind of love a lot. And not in a like, be my girlfriend way, just a more I wish I was you but really I just think you’re great way.

Katy Perry.

Yeah her songs aren’t mind-blowingly deep or the stuff that changes your life, but it’s good stuff. I don’t really know a song of hers I don’t like.

And then I read the cover story about her in Rolling Stone a year or so ago. And she’s normal. She’s surprisingly normal. Like, we’d be best friends if we met in real life.

She’s coming here for a concert in a month. I missed my shot to buy tickets. And now they’re sold out, I think, or ridonkulously expensive or if I can get them I have to sit up so high in the arena I might as well just listen from outside on the street.

I went out with one of my good friends, Daniel, the other day and the subject of the concert actually came up. And, wouldn’t you know it, he’s got an extra ticket. That he’ll sell me. At a reasonable price.

And, even better, we’re in one of the 100-something sections. As in, you can see Katy Perry. And not just the 10,000 people with better seats than you.


Needless to say, I’m pumped. I can’t wait. I’m sure it’ll be awesome, too, because, in the words of my favorite person in the world right now, Katy Perry’s just “delightful.”

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