Throw it in the…

rubbish |ˈrəbi sh |
waste material; refuse or litter : an alleyway high with rubbish.

garbage |ˈgärbij|
wasted or spoiled food and other refuse, as from a kitchen or household.

trash |tra sh |
discarded matter; refuse.

Many of you, like me, use the words garbage and trash interchangeably. And, a couple of you, for some reason or other, might even use the word rubbish. But it’s all the same, right?

It all goes in the trash can/garbage can. Unless you recycle. Or you have a garbage disposal and can get rid of the food that way.

Or, you are my grandma.

For my entire life, there has been a difference between garbage and rubbish at her house. Rubbish, I think, goes in a paper bag – remember those? – and garbage goes in the disposal. They are not the same.

We’ve asked which is which and why there is a difference but never really got an answer that made any sense. Seriously. So many conversations around the dinner table, especially when it came time to clear stuff. We’d have to ask “Now, this goes in the garbage, right?” “No, that’s rubbish.”


Why can’t it just be the same? Why can’t you just say throw the food in the sink and everything else in the bag/can?

The garbage/rubbish debate is a subject that’s never been completely resolved, at least not for my immediate family and I don’t know how it got started.

It’s not something that was passed down, either, because growing up, my mom and dad never differentiated between rubbish and garbage.

And I’m pretty sure trash just doesn’t exist.

This is the same grandma I’ve told you about before. She’s got Alzheimer’s. And my family and some friends, along with thousands of others throughout the country, will walk and raise money to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

Want to help out? Anything, even just $5 would be appreciated. Donate here. Or, you can walk with us, Sept. 10 at 8:30 a.m. at the Waterfront. We’re making T-shirts. You know you want one..

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