‘My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…’

Leavin’ on a jet plane here in a couple days.

I’m packed but I hate every piece of clothing I own and am convinced I’ll forget something. But really, who cares, ’cause I’ll be on vacation, suckaaaaas.

And not just any vacation. THE vacation. LONDON.

I downloaded “London Bridge” by Fergie last week for no other reason then it has the word London in it. ‘Cause it’s DEFINITELY not about the city.

I’d tell you what it is about but…first of all you probably already know and second of all…my parents read this thing.

I really don’t know what all we’re going to do over there and I kind of like it that way.



For the most part. I mean, we know kind of what we wanna do – we’ll do a double-decker bus tour and some walking tours.

Fun fact: They offer a “Jack the Ripper Walking Tour” where you get to learn all about a murderer they never found. And couple that with a visit to the Tower of London where they used to torture people? MURDER TOUR OF LONDON. On it.

Not really. But I will see some Harry Potter stuff, dammit.

We will go to a pub. And drink at it. Depending on how many drinks I have, I may try to look for a British boyfriend…

So yeah. I’m so excited, you guys. Like, 18 exclamation point excited. But I don’t believe in excessive exclamation points in my writing so I’ll just leave you with the thought of them.

I’ll definitely share some of every single pic I take on here when I get home, so check back and prepare to be amazed at my bomb-ass photography skillz.

And, maybe I’ll show you a picture of the new British boyfriend.

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