Really good at not keeping up

Yeah. So about that running thing.

I’m probably gonna need to start over. I suck at a) running; b) motivation; c) life, apparently.

Just kidding about that last one, but I do feel awfully shitty for stopping. And then not starting again.

I don’t know what my problem is. I was doing so well there for a while. I had the time, I had the gear, and then there was a few weeks days of rain, some air quality advisories, some days where I couldn’t breathe outside and then I had other shit to do.

I feel bad. And like a quitter. And I’m gonna get back to it. I promise. I didn’t drop a good amount of dollas for some shoes I’m never gonna use.

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One thought on “Really good at not keeping up

  1. You can do it! I believe in you. And maybe the second time around you’ll find it easier when you start which means progress!

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