That girl who used to blog a lot

I knew it was too much…blogging every single day for a month straight. I spoiled y’all with that 30-Day Song Challenge and now I haven’t written in a couple weeks.

Before you judge though, I’ve since been entrenched in Baby Einstein’s end-of-school-year stuff. Like graduation and parties and such, which are finished as of yesterday.

Another thing happened yesterday, when I was accosted by two of my regular readers at one of the aforementioned graduation parties and asked where the H I have been with this blogging stuff lately.

So, as has happened before when I went MIA, I have come back. And I promise I’ll have plenty for you from now on, to make up for these past couple weeks. And don’t get mad ’cause you know I always deliver.

If you are mad, though, maybe you can use one of the threats in this video I watched a few days ago.

Warning though: F-bombs aplenty, so keep the kids away.

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