day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument

This one time, at band camp…

There. I got it out of the way for you, because I know that’s what you’re gonna think once you keep reading and find out I was a big ol’ band nerd in high school.

In fact, I still am. And so’s Rach. Because we yelled at the marching band in the Pegasus Parade last week to dress right because they were nowhere close to being in line. Don’t judge.

Anyways, I played the french horn, which, while pretty and extremely awkward to hold, doesn’t lend itself to solos in many well-known pieces. At least not any I can play.

There for a while in my younger days I taught myself a little bit of piano. I knew the notes, I could read the music and on a handful of songs (many of which were Christmas), I learned how to play them using both hands. It’s nowhere near as impressive as Rach’s memorized beginning of “My Heart Will Go On,” but hey, pretty decent for never taking a lesson.

It’s from my favorite musical and an old songbook that’s somewhere in my parents’ house – right next to the Disney one that includes “A Whole New World” which I can also play, VERY, VERY slowly.

“Master of the House” a song from Les Miserables – a.k.a. the best musical ever (right, Matt?)

Don’t ask me to play it though now. I’ve been out of practice. But there were a few days there where I kicked ass at it.

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One thought on “day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument

  1. Ah, sweet, you’re so playing it for me sometime! I’ll sing along, too – I might even break out the English accent since I prefer the original London casts recording 🙂

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