day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding

I’m not known to be the girliest of girls. Like, for a long time – and still most of the time now – I didn’t carry a purse. Too much to worry about.

I don’t have anything pierced and I don’t wear any jewelry. I’ll wear a wedding ring, but to be completely honest – the engagement ring part is negotiable. But I’ll wait and discuss that with Mr. Future Fiancee, a.k.a. Alex Skaarsgard.

True Blood. Eric Northman. Look it up.

Hey. A girl can dream, right?

One of the more girly things I have done/do do (doodoo. ha. i’m five.) is think about my future wedding. A lot. I know what I want it to look like, where I want it to be and most of the other details, including the song I want to dance with him to after we’re married.

I don’t care if we already have a song, this is the one I want. I’ve wanted it for a long, long time. And you’re not gonna change my mind.

Don’t know of Dave Barnes? Well you should. Because his song, “Nothin’ Fancy” is one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard and if it isn’t played at my wedding, I’ll give you all a dollar.

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