day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure

You might expect me to say Backstreet Boys, or NSYNC or NKOTB or Glee or something for this particular day of the challenge, but you’d be wrong. Because I am not embarrassed about the love I have for any of those aforementioned groups.

Yes, I still listen to ‘No Strings Attached’ sometimes when I’m driving, or I sing “I Want It That Way” or “Hangin’ Tough” when I’m cleaning or organizing or doing something else OCD-related – usually cleaning or organizing.

And I can’t really think of a song I’m embarrassed to have people find out I listen to and enjoy. But this one comes close.

Last summer when my editor at the time was on maternity leave, my good friend Burt Champagne (not his real name but OMG what if it was), who also worked for our company, came in to help me put out the paper.

In addition to some Tuesday nights filled with Glee and Walgreens wines after successfully completing the paper before it got dark out, there were also office dance parties, usually to The Biebs.

I by no means have Bieber Fever, the last time someone took my temperature it was like, 97.2, which I think means I’m a zombie. However, I do enjoy a song with a good beat, which this song has. And it’s fun to dance to.

So yeah, I guess the closest I have to a guilty pleasure – I’m proud of my music choices, dammit – is “Eenie Meenie” by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston.

And even though he’s out of the country, I am sure that BC will do the same thing I did – if he’s reading – when I played the song. DANCE PARTY!

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