day 12 – a song from a band you hate

Now hate’s a strong word, but it’s just about how I feel about this guy. And Sugarland, but that was day two.

Here, 10 days later, I will share with you another of my least favorite musical “talents.” And yes, it’s a country music singer, but don’t for a minute think that means I am not a fan of country music. I like it. Especially when it’s good. Example number one? Lady Antebellum. Love them.

I’m also a fan of old school country, before it started to get ‘pop’ped. Like I love me some Cash and Ms. Parton and Merle, to name three.

K. So. For Day 12 – Song from a band you hate, we’ll go with “Song from a band you strongly dislike.”

Kenny Chesney.

I’m sorry. I know he has lots of fans and people think he’s cute, even without the cowboy hat, but I can’t bring myself to like him. Is it because he is trying to be Jimmy Buffett 2.0? Is it because he only sings about the beach? Is it because all his songs sound the same? Yes and yes and yes, any of those about sums it up. And I can’t help it. No me gusta.

But for those of you who do, enjoy the video. I just picked a random one because really they’re all the same so I don’t care.

Also, if you didn’t notice what I did up there, there’s links to past days sprinkled throughout. Here are the ones I didn’t include up top: five, six, seven, eight and nine.

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