Her eyes are like, a green color, with a little bit of mocha. And she smells like coffee.

Weird things seem to happen to me. I don’t know why – just lucky I guess?

Like, remember how a moth flew up my nose? And a bird committed suicide on my car?

Well the past couple weeks I’ve had a few weird things like that, only not really involving wildlife.

There was two weeks ago, when walking to lunch to meet a friend I managed to trip over nothing but my own stupid feet.

Then, the next day, while leisurely putting my arm outside the window while driving, a bug – or something not moving nearly as fast as my car – smacked into my arm. Or I smacked into it.

For a while, I really thought it was a bee and instead of the bee finding me to sting me, I had managed to find it. Yay. And it hurt like a mother.

So then we get to today.

You may also remember how I have thought I’d be blinded or have the need for an eye patch – whether it was from an eye cyst (thanks Wikipedia) or my irrational fear of the effects of shampoo in the eye.

What I didn’t think would be the cause of my imminent blindness? Coffee.

Yeah. Didn’t see that one coming at all.

Now, I’m not blind or anything, but it was touch-and-go there for a second today.

You see, I didn’t sleep much this weekend, which makes for a sleepy Laura on Monday. No worries though, I had a Starbucks gift card so why not use it for a mid-day caffeine boost?

No sooner had I taken a few sips then, when on my way to putting the cup back down on my desk, a drop of it popped right up out of the cup and into my eye. Onto my contact, which got cloudy, and yeah it kind of stung a little bit.

What are the effects of coffee on the eyeball? Because I am afraid to Google it. Especially since I know what coffee can do when I just drink it – through my mouth, not my eyeball. I get a twitch.

It happened a couple hours ago and so far so good. So far.

My dad has a brown eye and a green eye, so maybe we’ll match.

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